Pool Villa in Orlando, Florida

The climate in sunny Orlando is considered subtropical. This makes Orlando in central Florida lovely to visit all 12 months of the year, but do mind the summer humidity. The winters tend to be very dry with moderate temperatures. The weather is so nice in the winter you can be out golfing in short sleeves and enjoying the parks in comfort. The summers can get hot with high humidity. Often times a quick summer’s afternoon thunderstorm will provide a break in the heat.

The highest concentration of rain falls between June and September with July being the rainiest month each year, on average. Highs during the summer months average 22ºC (90ºF) and are very humid. The winter months remain the most ideal for travel with minimal rain, low humidity and average daytime temperatures of 11ºC (73ºF) and night time temperatures dipping down to 4ºC (39ºF) or sometimes lower, so bring a jacket.
2022-01-25 11°C
2022-01-26 15°C
2022-01-27 23°C
2022-01-28 23°C
2022-01-29 17°C

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